Convert Your SLR Camera to Pinhole Camera

The pinhole camera is considered an ancient relic amongst users of present day digital cameras. For the uninitiated, a pinhole camera is a Spartan, box camera that does not have a lens, just a small aperture. The small aperture projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box using the light that streams in through the aperture. The human eye too acts in a similar manner in bright light conditions.

Modern day digital SLRs with their vast range of lenses and other functions, offer more control and manipulation over an image. Having said this, a pinhole camera offers certain aesthetic effects that any photographer would love to replicate. A digital SLR camera can now be converted into a pinhole camera with an interesting camera accessory.

Photojojo, a store that offers fun-filled and inventive gear for photographers, has recently launched a pinhole conversion accessory for SLR cameras. Photojojo’s latest camera accessory comes in the form of a lens cap. The lens cap has a hole in the centre, which is not a defect, but the aperture that converts the lens cap into a pinhole accessory for your SLR camera.

Photojojo’s Lens Cap Pinhole Accessory has been crafted in an interesting way. The center of the lens cap has a medium-sized countersunk hole, which is covered with an opaque film. At the centre of this opaque film is a microscopic dot covered with a transparent film that will keep the lens protected from any kind of dust.

To capture some amazing pinhole effects using the Lens Cap Pinhole Accessory, the user has to simply place the cap over the lens and shoot a picture as they normally would. You may not have the convenience of viewing the image on the display, and would have to adjust the distance of the camera from the object by physically moving the camera either towards the object or away from it. It makes for great experimental photography.

You could transform your existing lens cap into a pinhole accessory by drilling a hole into it. The downside to this DIY exercise is that the hole may not be a polished one and could lead to dust collecting on the lens if not covered properly with a transparent film.

Photojojo’s Lens Cap Pinhole Accessory is priced at a steep $50, which could be the only thing going against it. For passionate photographers though, the pinhole cap is a cool accessory to click your photos with.

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Via: Wired