An iPhone with a Keyboard

The word keyboard has become an anomaly in recent times. Initially used for typewriters – when they were the appliance of the day and then for computers when they started ruling the roost – they still do, the gadget has now been tagged to mobile phone upgradations like the Blackberry.

And now, the iPhone has gotten itself a keyboard overhaul. For users who still have not been able to adjust to the touchscreen, they have a new contrivance to ease their fingertips tapping on the glass. ThinkGeek has come up with the new TK-421 iPhone case which comes with a flip-out tactile keyboard that has been designed to aid the user while texting, sending e-mails and performing any other function that the user wants to. This innovation brings out not just an ease in the working of the iPhone, but also allows the user to adapt – either use the touchscreen or phase out to the phone case with the attached keyboard.

The tactile keyboard – incorporating, in laymen terms, the usage of senses of heat and touch; enables the user to give a better typing accuracy and speed, and is capable of working with any application such as e-mail, web browsing and so on and so forth. It is attached to the case by a magnetic clasp that allows it to stay in position whether the phone is flipped in or out.

Available for two models of the iPhone – 3GS and 4, the gadget is operated under Bluetooth technology and therefore does not require any dock connector or jack. Powered by built-in batteries rechargeable through the supplied USB cable. The keyboard, once again blends in a sense of simplicity to a brilliant excogitation.

The 3G iPhone users though will not be able to avail of the benefits of this device, as the operating system [OS] of the 3G iPhones does not support a Bluetooth compatibility to set this device in motion.  This is definitely a loss for 3G users, but the broader picture still presents a brighter scene for the remaining two iPhone users.

Priced at $49.99, the TK-421 phone case looks like a welcoming technical aid to the currently persisting touchscreen dilemma. It however has to be noted that given the potential of this device, the stocks tend to sell out very rapidly. The new stocks will be featured in the market, mid-November thus marking a month waiting period for the users to own the gizmo; an interesting combination of smart engineering and a basic application of law of elasticity of demand to not just tempt a prospective user but also to make him driven to buy the product.

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