Summon Digital Spirits with the iPad Ouija Board

The Ouija board is usually associated with paranormal activities and supernatural films. People sitting around an Ouija board in a dark room lit only by candles, and waiting for the spirits from the ‘other side’ to communicate to them is quite a common sight in supernatural films. Over the years, the mystical and ghostlike aura surrounding the board has not diminished.There are many interesting stories and facts associated with the Ouija board or spirit board. The most intriguing story attached to the mystical board is of former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, claiming under oath that it was an Ouija board that revealed the location of Aldo Moro, the current Prime Minister, who was held hostage by the Red Brigades. Apart from Romano Prodi, award-winning poets and writers have used the spirit board for inspiration.

With the current digital revolution, the mystical  boards have made the necessary transition from the physical wooden board, to a coded digital version. ‘The Ghost in the Machine’ by Dom n Tom Inc. is a new age, digital Ouija board that captures the mysticism of the centuries old tradition in a contemporary avatar. It is available as a downloadable app on the current gadget rage, the iPad.

The Ghost in the Machine is an authentic Ouija board, but in a virtual format. The design aesthetics of the app is highly commendable as it recaptures the essence of the spirit board with its attention to detail. The iPad app has a wooden finish to it with letters from A to Z and numbers from 1 to 9 inscribed on it in an old school font type. Two words, Yes and No, appears on the top of the board. The pointer of the board is a triangular piece with a line of script inscribed on it.

With ordinary spirit boards, you would have to wait for a real spirit to arrive in case you want to see some action on the board. Ghost in the Machine uses spirits of the virtual world to produce awesome sound and visual effects such as lightning occurring on the board, or the board burning up in flames. Every single time you use it, a ghost will make an appearance. This makes the iPad Ouija board a perfect game for parties or sleepovers. Just keep in mind that this is all just fun and games.

If you wish to experience a spirit from the virtual side, then the Ghost in the Machine is the iPad app to download.

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