Attack of the Cyclops Bunny

No, it does not tell the time, nor does it do your dirty laundry, but this latest offering by Nemo Gould is simply an uber cool novelty to pimp up your bachelor pad. Aptly christened as the Leoprid-Eye, it is as if the Red Eye from the Dark Tower of Barad-dûr himself transcended middle earth only to keep an “eye” on you.

The shifting red eye seems eerily real and follows you around with an evil toothy grin fixated on its face.  To complete the effect, there are oscillating rabbit ears. This is all made possible by the clever usage of a clock, a voltage meter, and LEDs.  All ticking away in mechanical harmony to give us the coolest dark avatar of the otherwise docile rabbit, aka the cyclops bunny.

So, what better gift to give than the Leoprid Eye for this Halloween to your misbehaving nephews and cousins. Monsters in the closet, you say? Nay, this evil eye shall conquer all.

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