Recon Zeal Transcend Goggles

Brace up for a whole new experience in skiing this winter. The much awaited Recon Zeal Transcend goggles are finally here and all set to give a new definition to snow sports. Sportspersons in most of the sports have been equipped with instruments that give them a real time feedback of their performance enabling them to set new standards for themselves. Snow sports had been untouched till now which made it difficult for getting appropriate feedback. Recon understood this need. After continued efforts what took shape were the Recon Zeal Transcend goggles.

This head mounted display system is the only pair of goggles that provides the real time GPS feedback with data like speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical and total distance traveled, stopwatch, temperature and time. These goggles are exclusively qualified to give facilities like GPS, data transfer, USB charging as well as data processing software. And all this is available with a user friendly, futuristic interface.

Data is displayed on a micro LCD screen which appears hanging approximately six feet before the user. Operating the goggles functionalities are very comfortable since they come supported by glove-friendly buttons. You can navigate the full-color dashboard and features with utmost ease.

There are possibilities of Recon launching an open API app development and download community. This will come along with some free download apps.

With the goggles, you get a Recon HQ application absolutely free. Use this to upload and track your sessions instantly. Using the highlight editor you can transfer the best moments of your sessions on to the new Recon website and the HQ online community.

The Recon Zeal Transcend is available in two models, the basic difference being is in the lenses. The Transcend SPPX comes fitted with SPPX polarized and photochromic lenses. These are a little dearer than the Transcend SPX which features only polarized lenses.

The polarized lens carries with it the benefits of reducing almost 99 percent of the glare and are permanently in-molded and anti fogging. The design of the lenses used in these goggles ensures a comfortable helmet fit and a wide vision. The SPPX polarized combined with the photochormic lens gives the advantage of auto adjustments in changing light conditions and lens transitions from light yellow to amber or dark rose.

When you purchase a set of these goggles you will get a hard protective case, lens cleaning bag, micro USB charger with both European and American adapters, and Recon instruments software compatible with PC and Mac.

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Via : Yankodesign