The Vampire Fountain

Well, this one for sure is not for the Twilight fans but for the ones who like the classic vampires more. To be precise, this is Dracula actually (the king of all vampires). This vampire Fountain is for sure a horrifying and a rib tickling one. But, you also cannot deny the fact that it is a great piece of art.

What does it do?

Ah what else can you expect from Dracula to do except from sucking and spilling out blood? That’s exactly what he is doing here as well. He sucked that poor girl and now he spills out a stream of blood from his mouth. Well yes, that is a bit gross but for vampire lovers this one can be a great addition in their lawn or yard. Maybe, you can add this one to your next Halloween Barbeque?

How does it work?

Now here is the secret revealed – there is a pump inside Dracula that circulates water as it does in any other fountain and colors it red before emitting. Although the color is not supplied with the package, you can buy it separately. Simply food color is used in this case. The good part is that it looks pretty realistic. Basically, what happens is that the water (blood) comes out of Dracula’s mouth, goes down his shirt, and finally in the basin which is hidden in his lap.

It is made of resin and looks pretty good. You can see the deep facial furrows, the red eyes of Dracula, and everything else which would make you feel that this fountain is one of its kind. The fountain can be plugged into AC, has dimensions of 27 ¾” H x 17” W x 12” D, and weighs 25 1/3 lbs. Isn’t that extremely cool or maybe extremely horrifying? It is available for $199.95 which is a reasonable price for such a piece.

Like I said, it is a treat for vampire lovers specially the classic ones. With this fountain, you can celebrate the classic age of vampires and Dracula and for a while forget about the recent not-so-vampiric looking vampires!

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