Never be Tardy with the TARDIS Mug

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up in the morning, go to make coffee, but realize your coffee mug is so indescribably boring that you don’t bother, and as a result find yourself sleepy and late for work?

Well, probably not. But just to make sure that doesn’t happen in the future, do yourself a favor, and pick up a cool mug that will brighten even the worst mornings – like this TARDIS-shaped mug.
Most novelty mugs are simply normal cylindrical mugs with a funny or quirky design stamped onto them. Some might be particularly innovative, like this heat-changing TARDIS mug, but they’re still just mugs. The main thing that makes this one unique is how it’s actually shaped and painted to look like a miniature replica of the famous police box which has been an icon of Dr. Who for decades. Of course, since an operational TARDIS can change into anything to match its surroundings, perhaps this one has been masquerading as a normal mug all these years, and has just now begun to malfunction. It also seems to lack the normal functions you’d expect from a time machine, but you can’t always have your TARDIS cake and eat it too.

The top of the TARDIS mug comes off, so it’s perfect for steeping tea if you’d like to emulate the British fan base, or for keeping your coffee hot and spill-proof. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like typical car cup holders will be able to handle the unique shape of this mug, so you’ll have to keep it either at home or at work. While the TARDIS went through a few shape changes and subtle color variations through the years, the simple royal blue design emulated by this mug is timeless.

Drinking from such an odd-shaped mug might be a problem – for example, if you accidentally drink from one of the corners, you will probably spill a lot of hot beverage on yourself. The flat edge doesn’t look exceptionally comfortable to use either, but it’s a small price to pay for sipping from a TARDIS.

I like inexpensive everyday objects that have a touch of nerdiness, and at only $18.99, this TARDIS mug definitely fits the bill. Who knows, this mug may even have some latent powers of navigating the time and space continuum.