MagicBoard – Lets You Get It Done All In One Place

Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t use your piano, keyboard, music player controls all in one place? So that you don’t have to keep moving around to access all these different kinds of technology. Well, here is a product named MagicBoard, that Eliel Cabrera Quesada shares with us on their blog, which will allows you to use it as a computer keyboard, music player with controls, piano, and many more.

MagicBoard has a unique and great design given to it, which actually makes you feel like you are accessing technology just like it is used in movies by all the very technologically advanced folks. MagicBoard is a gadget that promotes the new way of using technology, i.e. using one product and being able to access many devices by connecting it to a computer. In this case, it is not connecting through wires, but through Bluetooth or wifi. Isn’t that just great? No tension of handling wires, and it just makes your desk look neater and sleeker.

MagicBoard also reduces space, which means that you don’t have to make space for keeping a piano, music system controller, and a keyboard in your apartment, as it is a product that allows you to use all of the mentioned technologies above in one place!

It is a touchscreen, so in order to use it, you only have to touch it slightly, rather than actually pressing the keys on an actual keyboard, which means cutting down all the excess noise that a keyboard makes. In order to change the layout of the board into the one you want to use, all you have to do is touch the screen of the MagicBoard slightly without losing contact on the board and select which mode you want the MagicBoard to become.

So, this is the right product for you, if you like using all your technology in one place. This product will certainly have your creativity flowing as it makes you think of how many different modes you can gain access to on this MagicBoard and your mind will be boggled by the results, trust me.

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