Can You Solve the World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube?

While personally I’ve never seen the Rubik’s cube as much more than a pretty colorful square that you can change around for fun, others are really into this puzzle mystery. As you can see here from the video, this guy even goes so far as to solve the smallest Rubik’s cube ever. Man, that thing is tiny, I wouldn’t recommend this cube if you have fat sausages for fingers.

The cube measures up at about 0.39 inches (which should make you feel incredibly adequate, you know what I’m saying?). As the original post points out, it is likely the smallest piece of the eighties that you can get your hands on (that isn’t completely illegal, anyway). It was created by Egeniy Grigoriev, who should also get points for the oddest name ever, and it is 2mm smaller than the previous record. I should note that the previous record was owned by him, so there.

But hey, don’t limit your Rubik’s cube fun to just one game, there have been a number of other variations featured on Walyou. If you’re a Star Wars fan, for example, I can point you in the direction of the Darth Maul Rubik’s cube, if you don’t mind staring at his creepy mug while you solve it. There’s also the more challenging and demanding Rubik’s cube revenge 4×4, which adds a new level of difficulty (it needed one?) to the game. The difference in revenge is that the facets are not fixed. Also, the central facets are free to move in several directions. If you’re wondering how that makes it more diffucult than the original Rubik’s Cube, and why it aims to be more fun,  it has 43 quintillion combinations, sure to keep you busy for a while. I’d probably smash it against a hard surface repeatedly before I get it done, though.

Via: Dark Roasted Blend