Instagram iPhone App

Since the iPod has first made its appearance, the i-series quickly grabbed a power place in the market. Now the i-series is one of the top providers of phone and music technology.

Needless to say, the iPhone’s greatest appeal comes from its applications. There is heavy competition for both free and paid applications, and for people who charge it. As a result, iPhone holders have plenty of options when it comes to choosing what applications they wish to have on their iPhone. This particular application called “Instagram”  seems to have the potential to become a dominant application in the iPhone market.


This program is basically a photo editing program. It’s for the simple minded users because the actual “editing” is simply adding filters to the photos that you have taken. This isn’t necessarily a drawback, especially considering this an application made for a phone. If the user really cared about photo editing and manipulation, they would take the time to do it on their computer. This iPhone app gives the option to have a quick edit and immediate upload to your social networking site such as MySpace and Facebook. In its testing phases, the upload speed was almost instantaneous, but we all know that that sort of reliability is always subject to change.

Though this is not what sets the application apart. The application also has its own social networking within it. This seems to be an appeal to a lot of people, though I’m not sure why. If it’s a photo editing system made to upload to a social networking site, why also share it with those people on your iPhone. Those people were probably also on the social networking site that you are trying to upload the picture onto. Though, that’s just one person’s opinion.

On top of all these qualities, one of the real selling points of this applications is it’s free. That is always a reason to download it.

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Via: VentureBeat