Spy Watch Won’t Make You James Bond, It Will Make You Creepy

This “covert” watch records video while maintaining its cover as an ordinary watch.  Using one-touch color HD video recording with 8 GB of build-in memory seems a little excessive to me, but maybe you have a need for a device like this. As far as features go, this thing is only a life-raft and a smoke bomb away from being an actual James Bond gadget.  The watch also takes pictures and voice recordings, and comes with a USB cable so you can connect it to your PC to download all those super secret spy shots.  It’s waterproof, HD and super secret – recording at 1280 x 960 resolution.  The manufacturer states that the watch will produce “professional grade” photos, you’ll just have to get the hang of angling your watch at whatever you want to take a picture of.   Huh, may be a little awkward. The watch can record up to two hours of continuous footage on one charge.  All videos are apparently date/time stamped so, once you plug the watch into your computer, you can easily search through your ultra-secret videos. The camera is a tiny pinhole device that uses a 1.3 mega-pixel camera to capture JPG photos.   According to the website there are a lot of great reasons that you need this watch for, including: recording important events, meetings and interviews; capturing video or picture evidence; and for traveling (no more carrying around a bulky camera). The watch comes with an installation CD, a power charger, a USB cable, and a User Manual.  Oh, and of course the watch.  Brickhouse Security has the whole shebang for for $149.  If you’re interested in this watch, you may also  want to check out this Galactus watch, which also includes a cellphone and media player.  Or, if you need to spy on someone, you may also want to check out this Mini Spy Camera that’s hidden inside a pen.  All that said, please do be aware that in some states and areas it is illegal to record someone without their expressed consent.  Unless, of course, you’re name is Bond, James Bond.  Or, you know, you just don’t worry about those sorts of things.