The 3D Metal Calling Card

In a day and age of personal branding, a business card or calling card can be the vital difference between a lasting impression and an impression that lasts a few seconds. If a business card is unique and carries an individualistic impression, there is a good chance that the person receiving it will remember the person who gave the card. A distinctive calling card goes a long way in creating the right impression, which is vital for any corporate employee. On the other hand, a plain and boring business card that looks like an ‘assembly line’ product could lead to a similar impression of the person who holds one. A calling card, fashioned from metal, and which can transform into 3D sculptures, is sure to leave a lasting impression.  The metal calling card is truly a unique personal signature that creates a ‘wow’ impression. The 3D calling card is exceptional in its design, and at the same time, has a sophisticated finish to it.

The framework of the card is pretty similar to a normal calling card. But look a little closer and you will see a world of difference. The creative metal business cards have finely detailed images on it, in grey and silver, which can be picked off the card to form life like images. Take for instance, the spacewalk themed calling card displayed below.

The space shuttle has intricate design work on it and realistically portrays a space vehicle with its solar shields, communications disc, and landing gear. The door of the space shuttle is colored black, which means it is open, and you can see an astronaut in a helmet and protective suit in a walking pose. A mini rover-like machine completes the imagery on the space themed calling card.

The 3D calling card has all the details, including your name, work address, and contact numbers imprinted on it. When you hand over the calling card to an important client, it will be flat shaped. Once the client receives the card, they can then proceed to pick the images of the card (which we are certain they will) and transform it into a 3D model. They might even keep it on their desk as a fun memento. All of this translates into an enviable image for the cardholder, i.e. you.

The metal calling card is also available in other themes such as a work out theme and gaming theme.

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Via : Techeblog