Marshmallow Gun and Crossbow

There has always been an appeal to throw food around. Perhaps it’s the texture of it, perhaps it’s the fact that it creates more of a guaranteed mess than other objects around you, or perhaps because of the fact that it’s something we have so much interaction with daily.

Whatever the reason we do it, the same reason is used as an argument for why throwing food around is bad. Of course, food is a necessity that most of the time we take for granted; and so throwing food like apples and bread is actually a bad thing. However, when it comes to food that is processed to the point where it’s bad for you to eat it, there really is no harm in throwing it around – other than the mess it causes of course.

Marshmallow Gun

These two products are designed to disobey the saying “don’t play with your food.” Both these designs are made for the purpose of shooting marshmallows at other people, and both the designs have the capability of shooting their marshmallows up to 30 feet away. It’s perfect because hitting someone with a marshmallow is actually harmless, the most it could do is annoy the person that you are shooting at. Though I wouldn’t recommend these toys for people who live in hot places, because melted marshmallows are a mess and difficult to clean. It is also not something you want melting in your hair.

Marshamllow crossbow

The first design is based on old style crossbows, and the second is based on just a gun. That is about the only difference that the two products. They shoot with the same distance, have the same amount of ammo, and are dishwasher safe. Buying choices simply comes down to design preference. It is definitely an interesting gift to give to your little one, or something to buy if you just want to have fun.

Both are available at Hammacher for $36-40.

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