Walyou Random Roundup [October 16, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for October 16, 2010 includes prisoners, lego Pokemon, Back to the Future, Dead Comedians, Eye of Sauron, Xbox Controller, Finger Drums, Mario Room and more. We hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the latest roundup.

finger drums gadget

1. Prisoner Dives Headfirst Into Toilet (I Am Bored)

2. Exclusive: Helen Mirren Goes “Red” (Maxim)

3. Dutch Man Interrupts Live TV Interview to Ask Where the Toilet Is (Asylum)

4. So You Woke Up in a Dumpster: Retracing Your Steps (HolyTaco)

5. Get the Scientists Working on the Monorail Technology, Immediately (Mental Floss)

6. These Custom LEGO Pokemon Are Authentically Awesome (Comics Alliance)

7. F-Stop Watch gives photography geeks a themed timepiece (Geek With laptop)

8. Submachine Gun Is a Cool PlayStation Move Accessory (PS3Maven)

9. Another Day, Another Jackass Dressed As A Superhero Robs A Store: Batman Does McD’s (Geekologie)

10. Eye of Sauron Deviled Eggs (Neatorama)

11. Welsh Comedian Rhod Gilbert Talks Lost Luggage (DJMick)

12. Granja Mixer – The Hen Shaped Mixer (GadgetHer)

13. The 10 Funniest Comedians Who Died Before Their Time (Coed Magazine)

14. Blood Stained Murderer’s Xbox Controller (XboxFreedom)

15. ‘Will It Blend?’ Spoofs Old Spice Guy and Blends Old Spice (URLesque)

16. Super Mario Bros. Painted Room is Beyond Geektastic (WiiNoob)

17. Transforming Paper (Random Good Stuff)

18. Finger Drum Kit – For The Killer Drummer Stuck In The Office (GadgetHim)

19. Unscripted crash of ‘Transformers 3? Bumblebee car (The Chive)