How to Escape Mobile Phone Radiations?

Often one hears about the experiment conducted on the egg in between two cellular phones on a call between each other.  In about half an hour, the egg got cooked. Now the question is what does several hours on the mobile do to the brain of a frequent caller? One school of scientists recognizes that no major diseases have been identified as a result of radiation from these cellular phones. The other side argues that it is culpable to brain tumors and occurrence of cancerous cells inside the skull which can prove fatal. These are ‘important uncertainties’ that they find vital to research and study more.To detect such radiation, there are a number of technologies out there- some of which are unfruitful investments, whereas the others can be reasonably explained and work for the user. There are disks that can be stuck to the mobile phone and claim to neutralize the radiation, but they have been tut-tutted away. Then there are shirts with silver fiber that apparently block radiation. But if a blocking technology already exists, then why aren’t the phone manufacturers using them ?

Hence, the only sensible technology is that of detecting the radiation. Tawkon is the only such technology in the market today that allows you to find out the radiation level in real time and alerts you as soon as it reaches above a certain danger mark. It is an app that can be downloaded into your mobile phone, and also maps your surroundings to identify the high and low radiation zones so that you can safely ‘talk on’ without being exposed to these harmful emissions. It does this by taking into consideration, your phone usage and frequency, specific absorption rate that determines your safety to the exposure, and environmental circumstances. The Real-Time Radiation Indication Technology that it uses is innovative, one-of-a-kind, and is awaiting patent.

Tawkon can be made use of, in two modes-
1.    Prediction Mode- which essentially maps your home or office to determine the areas where the radiation exposure is likely to be highest and those areas where it is safer.
2.    Call Mode- With regular alerts, the application prompts you to take precautionary measures such as using the mobile phone in another room or to put the phone away due to the danger presented.
3.    Also available to iPhone and Android users, is the World Map which displays feedback regarding the locations where high, moderate, and low levels of radiation have been registered and the tawkon-influenced google map is an effort of the tawkon users networking community itself.
4.    The Alert Sensitivity Settings which mark the limit, crossing which the alerts are flashed, can be altered according to the users’ preferences.

Now why take the risk? Talk on using tawkon.

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Via : Tawkon