Busbi Digital Video Camera

As generations of technology progresses, we are making things simpler to use. This is so that technology is more accessible to everyone without them having to take much time learning how it works. Let’s face it, though most of the world loves to work with technology, they would much rather not spend time trying to figure it out. This is an assest to those who are actually skilled with these little gadgets because there is an increasing amount of people who are using the technology and less people who know what to do when the little gadget isn’t functioning. This, of course, means more business for those who actually do know how to fix it. Though this seems like a win all situation, there is one thought that should be taken into consideration. Before, when a little thing went wrong, you could at least attempt to fix it yourself. Now, with every little flaw, you will be running to the manufacturer, because with that simplicity comes the inability to fix simple problems.


This new design for this video  camera falls into that very category. Don’t get me wrong, I love simplicity and easy accessibility. This camera is designed for common day users who don’t have that much knowledge in technology, and don’t want to go through reading a manual. It’s where the name “point-and-shoot” camera came from, because you -quite literally- just point and shoot.


The camera is thin – which is always a convenience- and only has four buttons: On/off, delete, playback, and record. These buttons are the essentials of a camera, and cannot get any simpler than that. Even computer use is easy with this camera. It has a USB slot and also functions with an SD card. It also apparently comes with an editing program that is probably as simple to use as Windows Movie Maker.

Overall this camera is convenient for your day to day picture/video taking needs and runs for only £39.99 icon.

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Via: Fire Box