Auto Blinking Eyeballs are Always Watching

Lord of the Rings references aside, one might ask what practical use a pair of auto blinking eyeballs could have around the house. My answer to you is…well probably none, but that’s never stopped us before, has it? These eyes could be very useful in the upcoming Halloween season, and besides, they’d be fun to have around anyway.

As you can see from the video here, there isn’t anything these things can’t give some personality to. Tree trunks, trash cans, park benches, all of them get a bit of a hilariously goofy look when you stick the eyes onto them. As you might expect, the kit for these eyes comes with the two eyeballs, suction cups for mounting them, and decoration sheets. What are decoration sheets you ask? Well sometimes just plain old eyeballs aren’t enough. The sheets come with various facial features (minus the face) like tears, angry brows, or a funny pink nose. I think I’d personally prefer the angry eyebrows the most.  As the original poster pointed out, I think you can stick these anywhere but the toilet. That’s just creepy. I’m gonna stick them with a pink nose on my recliner and pretend it is the chair from PeeWee’s playhouse. Am I showing my age? Because I loved that show! The movies too, but don’t tell anyone that.

I think I’m gonna pick up a pair of these to stick on my door. At the very least I figure I’ll freak out the UPS guy. Oh! I could also creep out the trick or treaters for the upcoming holiday. Oh yeah, it’s all coming together. For some other eye-related fun we have some pop the weasel or this creepy looking skull mp3 player for you.

Via: Random Good Stuff