Eclipse Mobilemouse

Whether you are a gamer or a businessman, you would know the importance of having a mouse that not only performs well but is also comfortable at the same time. This Eclipse mobilemouse has been built with sturdy materials with a die cast frame making it one of the most robust and sturdy mice you will get in the markets.

In fact, it is actually the sturdiest one. Once you buy this, you won’t need to worry about your mouse cracked because of shocks. Honestly, in today’s life, you need sturdy accessories instead of the good-looking ones. In the hustle bustle of city life, it is impossible to save your accessories from shocks and damages. Besides, what if you get a mouse that is not only sturdy but is also good looking, wouldn’t that be awesome?

That is exactly the concept behind this Eclipse mobilemouse. The mouse is integrated with a low profile scroll ball that can be used for four way scrolling. Moreover, there is audible click feedback as well making it easier for the user to know whether or not he has made the click. You can scroll up, down, at 45 degree angle or even at 360 degree angle with this mouse. The mouse is also integrated with 1600dpi laser technology, which makes it easier for the mouse to operate on any kind of surface regardless of how rough or smooth it is. Also, the mouse is completely wireless and utilizes 2.4GHz technology making it faster and much more efficient than your standard wireless mouse. It also has a nano-dongle for a sleek profile yet an undisturbed connection whenever you use it.

Here is the best part – this mouse has flexigrip, which is an adjustable stand-like thing that you can use to make it suit your comfort. It offers flexibility and at the same time great comfort. The mouse is available for Enhance your Game. $59.99 and comes in black color top with gray colored flexigrip and bottom. If you have always wanted a mouse that is comfortable, stylish, and of course, efficient, then this is the one you should hit!

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