32 Amazing Anatomy Designs for Geeks

There have been many different Anatomy designs which surfaced lately that are amazing in detail and theme, so for further education and entertainment, we gathered a great collection of 32 of the best Anatomy Designs aimed for Geeks. If there are some additional ones you feel are a must for such a collection, please share with us in the comments.

Special mention goes out to a few designers who have created the majority of the following Anatomy designs: Jason Freeny, Mads Peitersen and Michael Paulus. You can find many more of their creations, designs and ideas at their personal sites.

Video Game Anatomy Theme

Super Mario

super mario anatomy design image

The Super Mario Bros Anatomy shows what one of the most popular video game characters is really made of…or would have if he was real.

Xbox 360 Controller Anatomy

xbox 360 controller anatomy image

Another great design is the Xbox 360 Controller Anatomy which many Xbox fans would agree makes sense as this controller practically becomes part of you when you play.

PS3 Controller Anatomy

ps3 controller anatomy design image

Just like the Xbox controller, the PS3 Controller Anatomy is a way to prove to Playstation fans that their favorite consoles are an actual breathing specimen.


nintendo wii anatomy design image

The Wii Console Anatomy is a beautiful creation that shows what our actual Nintendo consoles look like inside.

Sackboy Anatomy

sackboy anatomy design image

If you ever wondered why Sackboy is so lovable, the Sackboy Anatomy shows that he is just like a human being…and is just as fragile.


pacman skull tattoo anatomy

This Pacman Tattoo and Pacman Skull do not necessarily show too much of the famous character’s anatomy, but it is a start.

pacman skull anatomy image

Classic Characters

Mr Potato Head

mr potato head anatomy design image

We have seen a variety of crazy Mr. Potato Head Designs before, but the Potato Head Anatomy is by far the most entertaining and creative of the bunch.

Stay Puft Marshamallow Man

ghostbusters stay puft marshmallow man anatomy design

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Anatomy by Jason brings back many memories (both good and bad), and also provides intricate details never seen before.

Domo Kun

domo kin anatomy design image

We love Domo here at Walyou, and the anatomy of Domo by Mr. Freeny is a wonderful addition.

Lego Figurine

lego figurines anatomy design image

We all remember the Lego Figurines from our childhood, but we never would have thought this is what they were made from as Jason clearly illustrates.

Gummy Bear

gummy bear anatomy design image

Many would argue that a Gummy Bear is made up of many ingredients that aren’t necessarily healthy, but with Jason’s presentation…they seem harmless.


nemo anatomy design image

Another popular character is Nemo the fish, with its anatomy shown in a great sculpture by Freeny.

Toy Story Alien

toy story alien doll anatomy design

Without too much actual lines in the movies, the Toy Story alien became extremely popular, but I am sure kids won’t like Jason’s Anatomy image as Geeks would.

Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread man anatomy design image

Fans of Gingerbread Sculptures would appreciate the new version of the Gingerbread Man, as presented by Jason Freeny again.


goldfish anatomy design image

Being as crunchy as they usually are, no one would expect the Goldfish anatomy to look as seen here.

Hello Kitty

hello kitty anatomy design image

Geeky girls will probably not appreciate seeing the insides of the famous Kitty, but the amazing details may assist in saving a life in the future.

My Little Pony

my little pony anatomy design image

The colorful pony makes its return with a detailed sculpture by Mr. Freeny which breaks it down for Science girls.

Balloon Animal

balloon dog animal anatomy design

I always thought that Balloon Animals are filled with air, but according to Jason…that is just a myth.

The Great White Shark

3d great white shark anatomy design image

A 3D White Shark Toy which is actually realistic and could help with your Anatomy studies.

Inside our Favorite Gadgets

iPhone 4 Anatomy

iphone 4 anatomy design image

While there is an actual Disassembly Video of the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4 Anatomy shows there are real organs within the popular Apple device.

Android Mascot

android mascot anatomy design image

For those who aren’t iPhone fans, Android is the next choice, and this cool Android Anatomy makes the mascot a little more human.

Canon 5D Mark II

canon 5d mark ii anatomy design image

Camera enthusiasts have always dreamed of knowing what makes their camera tick, and with this additional design from Mads Peitersen it is finally in simple view.

1210 Turntable

1210 turntable music anatomy design image

Another great creation from Mads is this beautiful Turntable, which would probably excite DJ’s and retro Vinyl fans.

Inside our Toasters

hot toaster anatomy design image

There are many different Toaster Designs, but the Toaster Anatomy makes you wonder who or what is toasting your bread in the morning.

Additional Cartoon Sketches

charlie brown anatomy design image

snoppy anatomy design image

Here are some great cartoon sketches by Michael Paulus that present Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Betty Boop, Fred Flinstone and even Pikachu.

betty boop anatomy design image

fred flinstone anatomy design image

pikachu anatomy design image


Rectum Bar

rectum bar anatomy design image

The amazing Rectum Bar in Vienna “…takes its shape from the human digestive system: starting with the tongue, continuing to the stomach, moving through the small and the large intestines and exiting through the anus.”

Thug Life

thug lige anatomy design image

A funny image of an urban thug’s anatomy.

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