Barcoded Design Watch

The man who came up with the idea of the bar code scanner, has made all our lives so much easier. Especially for the stores and supermarkets, there is no fear of theft, loss and the like anymore. Since every product has a bar code that is scanned in the inventory, the manager of a store can keep a track of the entire inventory the stores possess and what needs to be re-ordered. On the same lines, here is a product that has been given a very unique design and to make life easy, and technologically advanced.

In this day where innovations in technology are being made almost every hour, this gadget, and Bar-coded watch design has been designed keeping in mind the advancement of technology. Here is a watch that is not an electronic watch nor a digital watch, but a watch in the design of a bar code! Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But trust me; once you learn about the features of this watch, this will be another product that will be the no.1 on your wish list of products to buy.

Laszlo from Hungary shares the product information of this watch on This watch design can be made in LED or e-paper form, and both make a great style statement. As you can see in the pictures, the date and time are displayed on the body of the watch in barcodes and digits, and obviously as every second passes by, the barcode and digit is changing , updating the time every second. The straps of this watch are made with stainless steel and make the appearance of the watch just more stylish and royal. Just as Laszlo mentions on the product page about this bar-coded watch design, “It is simplicity and boldness perfectly combined into one matchless design.”

Via: tokyoflash

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