Lexmark Genesis: Printer Evolved

Following the lead of the TV and even the bathroom mirror, the humble printer gets knocked up a notch with the Lexmark Genesis. Let us stare in awe, as our appliances tranform into fearsome know-it-all robots before our very eyes.Lexmark Genesis 1
Through the years, we’ve had love-hate relationships with our printers. For instance, you had to wait for good quality prints while the printer took its sweet time and guzzled precious toner liquid, only to realize that you didn’t set up the print properly. When the printer was blazing fast, there was always some other conundrum threatening to land you in the lunatic asylum. Increasingly smarter gadgets over the last few years have resulted in better user experiences, and printers are no exception.

Take the recently announced Lexmark Genesis, an all-in-one, web-connected Inkjet. Targeting professionals, business, and home office customers, the printer is sleek and stylish and will seamlessly blend in with your gadget landscape. Flash scan camera technology complemented with a 10 megapixel imaging sensor means your document goes digital in as few as  3 seconds. Now that’s mighty impressive.

Lexmark Genesis 2

The printer also sports a 4.3 capacitative, yes capacitative, touchscreen. Appliances with touchscreens have until recently been stuck with inferior and unresponsive resistive touchscreens, so this is refreshing to note. The multipurpose touchscreen is useful for features like instant preview as well as accessing the SmartSolutions, a proprietary app architecture. Recently announced additions include the Facebook and Twitter SmartSolutions which enable users to scroll and search through their Twitter feeds and view their Facebook walls and print photos right from the printer. Wireless-N (IEEE 802.11n) means expanded coverage, and built-in two-sided printing is just icing on the cake. No more flipping the page over, and stamping your feet while you wait. Seems like they’ve thought of everything, well almost.

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Via: MultiVu