Embracing the Future: Headsets with a Difference

Ever heard of headsets featuring as a mode of fashion? Maybe not before, but now, thanks to the instauration of a project launched by ON TIME Sound Headset System; headsets might prove to be the latest addition to the hep technology couture.The project by Pedro Gomes has sought to revamp the entire look of an otherwise mundane headset by developing it to work as both – a headset and a clock-bracelet by formulating a potent interface feel, which connects with the user on the baser level of aesthetics and functionality.  And this forms the core crux of the product because, unlike other flashy gizmos, which delve a great deal into style and sleekness but deliver only a negligible amount of quality, this product combines the dual aspect of efficiency and swank.

The speaker allows the user to screen the calls as the caller ID function is operable on both the headset touchscreen as well as the time clock bracelet touchscreen. This is at best, sounds reasoning because once the headset is plugged to the ear; the user may or may not be able to garner the identity of the person trying to call him. The bracelet would be thus supportive and reducing the effort in this regard. It would be something akin to checking the wrist, and then deciding whether or not to take the call. It does sound amusing but there is no denying that a lot of brevity has been involved in making this instrument as client-friendly as possible.

The system allows a feasible interaction between the headset and the bracelet allowing the user to easily answer and make calls. Furthermore, the simplicity of the device is such that when there is an incoming call, there are no noisy interferences but just a silent vibration to the bracelet, signaling a call alert to the user. This easiness of engineering amidst the appearance of complexity is operated under the know-how of Bluetooth. The usage of the word Bluetooth makes matters even simpler, considering the everyday modern parlance of mobile phones and transfer of data via the aforesaid medium.

When not in use, the headset can be plugged right back into the clock bracelet, thus solving the problem of storage of such a valuable item. With minor details like these being visualized by the creator and sought to be put-paid to, the headset looks like a promising addition to one’s ever expanding appropriate and essential technological acquisitions.

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