20 Freaky and Scary Halloween Masks

Halloween is no fun without the creepy factor attached to it. And what better way to celebrate Halloween than throwing a “Scary” theme party?

In the past couple of years, we have seen several scary masks for Halloween theme parties coming into the market. In this crowd of scary and freaky masks, it is difficult to find a mask that would make you stand out and would genuinely scare people to hell. In order to help you in this tedious task, we have brought to you some of the freakiest and scariest Halloween masks, hand-picked by our Halloween party experts. If you got to make an impression on your friends, then choosing one of the following masks will definitely scare the hell out of them.

Cool Mask

Night Owl Production brings yet another cool and scary mask for you this Halloween. This mask has got teeth which are cast separately and eyes that are stunning as well as the attention to detail on the skin is excellent. This mask is perfect for you to wear this Halloween or just keep it as a collectible.

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Freddy Krueger Mask

This Halloween scare the hell out of people by wearing this “Freddy Krueger Mask” which has got scars, burns, and unique colors on it, which are almost identical to those of Freddy that you must have seen in the movies.

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Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Eddie Mask

Eddie wants to give you a piece of mind with this “Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Eddie Mask” which is based on the cover art for the classic Piece of Mind album. This mask is perfect for you to wear this Halloween party and look different in the crowd.

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Horrible Halloween Mask

You might have nightmares after seeing this “Horrible Halloween Mask”. It’s unique and looks really scary too. Weird and Creepy are two words that came into my mind after looking at this mask. Please don’t forget to keep it away from your kids.

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Night Fiend Ani-Motion Mask

Frighten you friends by wearing this “Night Fiend Ani-Motion Mask” which moves with your mouth. This mask features a scary skull style with open eyes and a moveable jaw that moves as you move your mouth. Fun right?

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Slipknot Joey Mask

Wear this “Joey Mask” this Halloween, to be the famous drummer of the Slipknot Band and look different in the crowd of conventional masks. If you want you can even invite your friends to dress like Slipknot band members and form your own band.

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Alien vs. Predator Requiem Predator Mask

For all those who are fans of the Aliens movie and are planning to wear a Predator Costume for this Halloween, this mask will go perfectly with your costume. The “Predator Mask” is inspired by Alien vs. Predator movie and has got excellent detail work which makes it look real.

Scary Mask

All you ladies who want to look different and scary this Halloween, this “Scary Mask” is for you. This long teeth and red eyes mask will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

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Glow in the Dark Skull Mask

Scare people up and have some Halloween fun with this “Glow in the Dark Skull Mask”. As the name suggests, this white Skull Mask with black shroud glows in the dark.

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Friday the 13th Mask

This is the most ugly, scary, and cruel mask you must have ever come across. Want to scare people to death? Or get them to skip their heartbeat? Then make sure you get none other else but this mask.

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Myer’s New Mask

The Myer’s new mask has been inspired by the Michael Myers movie Rob Zombie’s H2. Want to have a zombie factor in your mask? Then this mask is the right thing for you.

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The Wolfman Mask

“The Wolfman Mask” is one of the coolest and scariest masks you must have come across. This mask is shaped as a wolfman face and will go best with your wolfman costumes.

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Original Peter Figuren Cackling/ Laughing Woman

If you want something very creepy, spooky, and weird for this Halloween instead of same old scary mask, then here is the “Original Peter Figuren Cackling/ Laughing Woman” which is absolutely creepy and weird. Her tongue moves in and out adding even more nerve tingling creepiness.

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The Scariest Halloween Mask

The “Scariest Halloween Mask” as the name suggests is the scariest Halloween mask that we have come across and some would recognize as Michael Jackson. Those red eyes and stark usage of colors make everything about this mask as scary as hell.

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Scary Mask 2

Want something simple but scary? Then the scary mask is the right thing for you. The mask has a texture which matches the vampire skin and in case you are planning to get a vampire costume that will go perfectly with it.

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Hannibal Lecter Mask

If you’re inspired by Anthony Hopkins’s character in Hannibal and want to turn up for a Halloween party with a mask that no one must have thought of, then the “Hannibal Lecter Mask” is perfect for you. It’s made up of a brown plastic mask that wraps full length of your face leaving the top portion of the cheek bones, eyes, and head exposed. Moreover, it has small plastic bars that line the mouth portion and there are small breathing holes throughout.

Crazy Old Man Mask

The blue eyed “Crazy Old Man Mask” is weird, creepy, and scary. The mask has got white hair just like an old man, contrasted with crazy blue eye ball and a few teeth hanging out. Bizarre I must say.

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Horned Monster Halloween Mask

“Horned Monster Halloween Mask” will surely freak your friends out when you wear it for this Halloween. This Mask is made of Latex and has got excellent visibility. You can even talk and drink while wearing this mask.

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Red Dragon Mask

Do you want something different but at the same time scary for this Halloween, rather than those conventional masks which you get in the market? Then try out this “Red Dragon Mask” created by Bob Basset, which is made up of leather and bright red color. Shaped to resemble the face of a mythical creature, this mask is comfortable to wear at Halloween parties, fancy dress, or just when you want to scare the hell out of your guests who are least expecting such kind of pranks.

Hockey Mask

“Hockey Mask” looks exact like the one used in the movie. This mask is made up of plastic and has got good detail work which makes it look real especially when worn.

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