The Unique Gear Wheel IQ Cube

For all of you wanting some intellectual stimulation, here is a unique one: the Gear Wheel IQ Cube, which is modeled along the lines of the original Rubik’s Cube. This unique toy twists, turns, rotates, and even emits sounds as you try to solve the puzzle.

Evidently, the Gear Wheel IQ Cube operates more or less on the same lines as the classic Cube. The ultimate goal is to match all the same colors as you usually do on a Rubik’s cube. This lovely toy can be modeled as a unique paper weight or as a decorative piece in your homes.

Many who find the Rubik’s cube impossible to solve, find it even more difficult to solve the Gear Wheel IQ Cube. The Gear wheel IQ Cube has a series of orderly colored cubes and this unique puzzle seems like an altogether alien version of the classic Rubik’s cube. The twistable pieces on the Gear Wheel IQ Cube are designed differently to work as gears. Rotating a single one causes the other pieces to rotate in a chain reaction.

The new Gear Wheel IQ Cube is basically formed from different wheels so as to facilitate easy rotation. As the Gear Wheel IQ Cube is twisted and rotated, it triggers other cubes to rotate. A sound emanates from the cube each time you rotate it. The Gear wheel IQ Cube is just great for improving your creative thinking. It is also excellent for improving a person’s IQ as well as EQ.

The Gear Wheel IQ Cube is a simple enough puzzle that helps to relax your mind after a hard day’s work. If at all you get stuck while attempting to solve the puzzle, don’t worry. Just take a break and start again.

The Gear wheel IQ Cube has a variety of functions. It not only acts as a brain teaser but also has functional uses in the home and office. It is a lovely decorative piece as well as a good paper weight. It’s truly a whole lot of fun to possess.

Try speed cubing with this Gear Wheel IQ Cube and you would find it next to impossible. As the puzzle is filled with gears on each cube, it allows for easy twisting, turning, and rotating to find its way back to unity of colors.

This unique Gear Wheel IQ Cube is crafted by Brando from Hong Kong and this toy can easily be categorized as the craziest toy gadget ever, that might trigger off a brain explosion if played with too much anxiousness or excitement.

Before you decide to toy with the Gear Wheel IQ Cube, it would be a great idea to take a picture of it since it would probably be the last time that you would ever see it as a perfect cube.

The Gear Wheel IQ Cube is more complicated than the Rubik’s cube. Experts opine that toys like the Gear Wheel IQ Cube should be introduced to kids at a very young age to help sharpen their intellect. If you wish to test your IQ, get this immediately at $11.90.

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Via: Oh Gizmo