Desire HD Becomes HTC’s Android Flagship in Europe

The bar continues to be raised for so called ‘flagship’ phones, i.e devices that pack monster specs, impressive designs, and innovative features. We’ve seen phones like the Nokia N8, BlackBerry Torch, and Samsung Vibrant fail to meet this new standard, despite their prices staying in a top-tier desire hd android review
HTC, however, has proven once again that the company has no problems at all producing flagship phones — in fact, they specialize in it. That’s why Sprint was blessed with the Evo 4G, T-Mobile received the HD2, and Verizon landed the Droid Incredible.

Now, in the midst of all this Windows Phone 7 commotion, Europe is getting one of HTC’s flagship devices, and it follows the definition of the word perfectly. The HTC Desire HD is impressive on almost all levels, and the 4.3 inch Froyo smartphone is by far the company’s biggest Android smartphone shipping outside North America so far.

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It closely resembles the stunning HD2 and the Evo 4G, but it’s the small improvements that really set the Desire HD apart. For example, Sense UI has been somewhat evolved and refined, and it introduces a new app-switcher bar which has been added to the pull-down notifications bar (something iPhone desperately needs). It also comes with a car-panel interface and DLNA streaming with the new Connected Media app.

Meanwhile, performance is sharp as ever. HTC included the popular 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 768 MB of ram, and a whopping 1.5GB of app storage on hand.

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Possibly the most intriguing element of the device is actually outside of the device itself. HTC’s Sense is going online, which creates a convenient, innovative cloud for users to access their data from their computers. Not only can users remotely access the phone, view content stored on it, but even wipe it.

If you’re searching for an all-around spectacular Android flagship that fully utilizes HTC’s added phone capabilities in Europe, the Desire HD should have exactly what you seek.

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via Slashgear and Android Community