Awesome Marvel-Based Cups

The Marvel series is the Disney of the comic book world. It dominates near half of the comic main-stream comic industry. Marvel and DC are head to head in competition; both of their heroes bring something different to not only the comic reading industry, but as well as the film industry-who quickly pick up these story lines and create films out of them.

This causes for a lot of room when it comes to fan base, and along with that comes a lot of marketing areas. These cups are practically a direct spawn of those areas.

Here are two sets of cups that are available for sale, both selling the same characters from the Marvel Universe. The images on the cups have an older style comic book look to them and the only real difference between the two sets is that one has the faces dominating the cups while the other faces are smaller and have related text on top of them.

Marvel Cups

The cups in the first set are colored to represent the hero that is on them.


The Hulk is obviously green.

Spider Man

Spiderman is red.

Captain America

Captain America is blue.


Wolverine is black. It’s always interesting to see which colors Wolverine ends up with. In this case black is ideal because most of Wolverine’s face in the picture is black, and playing along with the rest of the cups in the set, they wanted it to blend in. Wolverine is also commonly seen in yellow and as well as blue.

These cups are a great collection to have especially if you, or if you have a child, that loves any one of these heroes. You can never have enough Marvel fan based merchandize.

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The major Comic fans would love these and can get their own for $29.95 for the 4 Pack colored glasses or $13.99 for the Shooter set.