Celebriducks: Bruce Lee and Elvis Versions

We all have someone on this planet that we admire or consider to be our role model(s), and probably one of the biggest fans of these people. Some people go beyond what they can do or afford just to get all the stuff related to their icons.

Well, here is another product that will make all the Bruce Lee and/or Elvis Presley fans very happy. Because here are Bruce Lee and Elvis Presley rubber duck collectibles that are made to perfection, which will give you the feeling of actually having Lee or Presley watch your actions.

celebriduck-bruce lee

The Bruce Lee rubber duck is made to perfection with the details so meticulous that his abs on the rubber duck are quite similar to those seen in any of his pictures. Every time you look at this Bruce Lee rubber duck, you will have the urge to become fit; exercise and try to be just like your favorite, Bruce Lee. This rubber duck is in such a stance as if it is right out of a kung fu fight. This wonderfully attractive Bruce Lee rubber duck comes for a price of $9.95.


The Elvis Presley rubber duck will remind you of your potential to be the next Presley every time you look at it; as this rubber duck is a typical Elvis Presley, dressed in a gold jacket and is holding a microphone. This special rubber duck comes for a great and very affordable price of $9.95.

Each rubber duck is approximately 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide, and they all come packaged in an attractive bathtub like box. Obviously each rubber duck is something you shouldn’t miss out on as they come marked as part of the special edition that won’t be available to you anywhere else, even if you think of getting it custom made, you won’t get the same finishing touch. So if you are a true fan of Elvis Presley or Bruce Lee, you will have one of these, or maybe both, as a matter of fact, in your possession.

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