The New Bose Bluetooth Headset

Here comes the first ever single-ear Bluetooth headset from Bose! The good part here is that for once we have a Bluetooth headset that doesn’t have a flashy name and is simply called the Bose Bluetooth Headset. That might not be that captivating for many but I guess the company wanted to keep things simple and they started with the name.

Well, all I can say is that it’s a good start but I don’t know how many would be attracted to it. But, the good news here is that despite the fact that the name is simple, the headset has quite a lot of distinctive features.

The company says that the headset has been integrated with Bose’s TriPort acoustic headphone structure. This way, the headphone is capable of working in along with the Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology which can adjust the background noise cancelation depending on the environment you are in. Isn’t that one hell of a feature that can make your experience worthwhile? It sure is and right now I am actually imagining how cool it would be to have one such headphone capable of handling the background noise.

The point here is that nearly most of the Bluetooth headsets you get out there of good quality have the same features so why should you buy this one? Well, Bose says that the features and the quality of features in this headset is better than the ones you get in the market. I don’t really know whether that is true or not but the reviews till now have been quite good. Also, soft silicone ear buds are integrated in the headset which makes it pretty much comfortable to have the earphone in your ear for long unlike most of the headsets.

Another good thing about the headset is that the buttons are simple and straightforward so you won’t need to literally find the accept call or reject call buttons. Also, the LEDs face inward so your ear wouldn’t look weird. In short, the headset is stylish, simple, and offers all the features you would want in just $149.95.

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Via: SlashGear