Innovative and Minimalist “Front and Back” Clock Design

Giving a new look to ubiquitous circular wall clock with two hands is a big creative challenge for designers. Moreover, modern designers have to keep in mind modern urban spaces where every little accessory is stylish and geeky. Designer Giha Woo has created a stylish but simple and minimalist “Front and Back” Clock design where the two batteries of the clock itself act as the hands of the clock.

front and back clock design1

The modern designs make us question the old ideas and concepts. First thing that strikes the mind about this “Front and Back” Clock is why do we need to hide the batteries away from the eye in all the gadgets when batteries can become essential part of the design too?

front and back clock design2

Designer Giha Woo has actually done away with the difference between front and back of the clock by putting batteries that run the clock right on the dial. Maybe that’s what has inspired the name too!

front and back clock design3

On another level, one can appreciate this design. Why do we have to conceal the bare essentials? Moreover modern batteries don’t look ugly and even if they do, one can always cover them with designs and make the hands of this clock more interesting. One thing is for sure, replacing batteries can never be easier than this!

There are many new contemporary wall clock designs which are very unconventional like the Aspiral Clocks or Word Clock but “Front and Back” clock design is most minimalist, stylish and innovative of them all.

Via: Yanko Design