Evil Scientist Steampunk Goggles Designs

Here’s something for all you fans of steampunk culture; these are the steampunk goggles, for evil scientists of all sorts.


The designs for these goggles are all hand sewn, and are pretty fascinating as they feature a few details unique to them.  One of the main things is the screen covering over the glass; another is the way that it’s been made to look like that of real leather. In particular, these goggles earn the title of steampunk by being so unique with an old kind of feeling. The design team at Double A Stitching created these designs, and all in all did so beautifully. The goggles are pretty interesting, design-wise; and they even come in several different styles.


Looking at some of the designs by Double A Stitching, some look more like aviator goggles than those evil scientist goggles. Either way, they’re still pretty cool. The following designs look more like something you’d find in a lab -on a scientist’s head, that is.


These are designed with straps that are a lot thinner, and with hard plastic body surrounding the eyes. These look less like aviator goggles, and I can imagine a scientist using it. In fact, didn’t Dr. Horrible use something like this in his design? Either way, it looks cool. Even the screen over the glass flips up, like those glasses with the flip-up sunglass lenses. With these latter designs, there are no stitches. Moreover, the leather is reinforced with metallic attachments.


Again, the designs come in several different colors. All have a pretty standard appearance with nice little decorations that give it the steampunk feel. Here are a couple more designs, including the one at the very end, which is made from leather and looks equally cool.




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