Spidey Vs. Venom Helmet

Now, that’s one cool helmet! We all love Spidey and we don’t even hate Venom, so why not merge both of them together and make one hell of a fashion accessory? For years, both of these characters have been on t-shirts, shoes, pants, bags, but this time, we’ll get to see them on helmets.

The war between Spidey and Venom was never over, and it can never be over. Both of them make one terrific pair! Venom is ridiculously stylish, whereas Spidey is the funk dude. The gothic lovers like Venom, whereas the cool dudes like Spidey. But, this one helmet can be worn by everyone because it has both characters featured on it.

But hey, the helmet shows Venom overtaking Spidey! Ah, that might make Spidey fans a bit depressed. Well, you don’t have a choice here. If you want one extremely stylish helmet, then you have to compromise a bit. Besides, that’s the point gainer for Spidey as well, isn’t it? Venom always overtakes him, but he always fights back.

I think that this is more than just a comic book helmet. It is depicting a message that no matter how hard the evil forces bully you, in the end, you have to rise up against them. Isn’t that a cool way of putting it? For me it is, and if you want that helmet, you better start using the same line as well, or else, Venom lovers would start bullying you!

The helmet is designed by Skylabrush which is a company of two artists, who work on such stuff and always create something different. The two members are Alexandre Mathys and Skylvie Marsolais. Both of them are extremely talented and this helmet is a testimonial of their abilities.

The helmet doesn’t have anything extraordinary apart from the painting on it, so you might be a bit disappointed. But who knows, the company decides to produce another one with some cooler features once this one becomes successful. Time always goes by as artists find inspiration, and so will the folks at Skylabrush! For now, this helmet is all we have!

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