A Lamp You Can Charge With Water, And Viola! Light!

As modern citizens in a modern day and age, we still like to camp. Some of us at least. We like to be close to nature, one with the Mother Gaia and all the fresh nature goodness that goes with it.

Sometimes though, city slickers like myself, get all caught up in the moment and forget vital elements that could make the whole camping experience go down smoothly. For example, batteries. Any camper will be able to tell a non-camping-person, that there is no electricity out in the wild. No back up generator, stoves, light, or kettle. In other words, if you forget your batteries, you’re pretty much stuck.


That is where the NoPoPo Eco Water-Powered Flashlight set comes in extremely handy. It might sound like a mouthful now, but believe me you will thank me for introducing you to this clever light-giving device. The Lamp is powered by water. No chemically enhanced liquid, just pure water. It is extremely simple to use and the beauty of using water to recharge it, means you can use it absolutely anywhere. The set comes with a syringe, you suck water into the NoPoPo battery using it and place the battery in the lamp. Just switch it on and you’re ready to go. As simple as that.

The NoPoPo device will last up to ten years without losing charge! Needless to say, regardless of your camping preferences, you need a NoPoPo. It is designed to compliment any survival set or extreme camping sports you may be into. The are different modes to choose, either as a flashlight or as a lantern to light up your outdoor camping trips. I’m pretty sure it would come in handy too if you happened to be indoors (in your lovely modern city) and the lights happen to go out.


The NoPoPo hydro-electric battery is distributed by Aqua Power Japan for a mere $60. A NoPoPo battery is included and can be charged up to four times, holding a charge for up to ten years. You do the math… And, if you really find yourself between a rock and a hard place somewhere in Mother Nature’s vast expense, you can find comfort in the fact the battery can also be recharged with sake, cola, beer. Even urine… To make your outdoor experience so much more delightful, why not also invest in Boots That Charge Your Mobile On The Go or one of these 16 Water Powered Gadgets