OLED Display Watch Looks Masculine!

Watches were never as cool as they are getting now with the new looks and features, and one such example is the OLED Display Watch.

OLED display

This new cool OLED Display Watch with its masculine looks displays proper time, date, alarms, and hourly chime with elegance. Moreover, there is an option to display seconds zone too in this amazing new wristwatch.

This watch is so appealing that seeing you wear it, people will deliberately ask you what time is it. Especially designed for geeks, OLED Display Watch is full of all the latest state-of-the-art features. Its artistic OLED display lights up at the single touch of a button. This mesmerizing watch displays days in the form of weekdays, month, and year too.

OLED display 1

The OLED Display Watch comes featuring two timers along with an hourly chime and second time zone. This cool watch is packed in a stylish brushed stainless steel case that enhances its beauty all the more. Its OLED digital quartz movement is simply remarkable and worth noticing.

Watch out for the exact time on this sophisticated watch that has a black leather strap with a buckle clasp. Another interesting thing about OLED Display Watch is that it is water resistant up to 30m in water. Unlike other OLED Display watches that usually have a multi colored OLED display, this watch has a single colored display with bright blue lights to display time, date, and other information.

OLED display 3

Designed by APUS, this wristwatch uses a blue PMOLED to display time even in the dark. This watch has a metallic look with four screws on top to give a rough and tough look to it. If you will notice carefully, you will find two buttons on its left side. This is a rather big watch but still looks awesome when anyone wears it. You can also use this watch as a countdown timer and stop watch. The best thing about this watch is that it shows you the time when you press a button then after a few seconds it turns off again in order to preserve the battery and this way it goes on and on.

All you need is to lighten your pocket by $119.00 to buy this cool OLED Display Watch yours. You can even choose to gift it as a present to your loved ones on special occasions or even without any occasion.

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