Capture the Action with Re-Play XD

Ever wondered how you get to see all those movie clips taken from crazy angles in sports events? You find yourself going with the skier, taking all those turns and jump and feel the same exhilaration as the skier. This is all due to that teeny tiny camera that goes with the skier, or any other sportsperson.

Similar to those cameras is the new Re-Play XD video camera. This micro sized camera is 21.4 mm in diameter and 69 mm in length. You could mistake this for a chapstick in a lady’s handbag. It is made of aluminum and weighs close to 30 grams which includes the battery and micro SDHC. This means that when you need to use this camera the total weight that you will be carrying will be only 30 grams. No attachments to make it uncomfortable.

When you record a movie clip how much would you like to record in one go? This camera will amaze you as it has the capacity to record close to 110 minutes supporting 32 SDHC on a single charge. To replay you would need to connect it to a Mac or a PC by the micro USB.

The recording quality will not disappoint you with its 640 X 480 resolution capturing 30 frames per second recording. This is combined with an internal omni-directional mic. What’s more, its weather resistant feature makes it suitable for use in all kinds of weather conditions.

It is small in size and very simple to operate. On and Off are the only two operations. Switch it on and it starts recording, switch it off and it stops. You could easily entrust it in the hands of a child. Plus, it has a vibration feedback feature, too. It is available at $189.99.

This is a micro sized camera that is very easy to maintain. But still if you need a replacement of the bezel and the lens cover it is easily possible as these two parts are absolutely replaceable.

Cameras have been produced in various sizes and each one has its own advantages and specifications. In the case of a small camera if it is really small it is its biggest advantage. You can mount it virtually anywhere making it possible to capture just about anything from any angle. Might not be surprising to find it being used by journalists for one of their sting operations.

The world has shrunk and so have all the products. It has really become a very small world.

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