This iPhone App can Convert your iPhone into a Spy Cam!

Every one of us wants a handy spy camera so that we can snapshot anything that we feel to be suspicious or must be shared with our pals. Some might also think that it’s a bit unethical, but I guess all is fair when the Internet is your platform!

Imagine, you are standing in a dance party and you see your best friend doing some crazy dance moves, wouldn’t you want to capture it? Yes, you can do that without this application, but in that case your friend might find out that you are shooting him. So what’s the alternative? This iPhone app that converts your iPhone into a spy camera. Isn’t that cool? For sure, it is and I am confident that most of the iPhone users would love to have it.

How does it work?

Basically this iPhone app is known as the Camera Camouflage. Once you have this app installed in your phone, the very next thing you have to do is to start shooting. Now how does it do that? The app is voice activated so all you would need to do is to speak the word and it will start shooting. The good part is that you can still work on your iPhone to show others that you are typing a text message or something. At the background, you will be actually shooting someone or some event! In addition, there is also a feature which makes your phone ring as if someone is calling you and as soon as you receive the call, the camera starts shooting. Isn’t that one awesome iPhone app we have seen all this time?

Of course, this app won’t make your iPhone’s camera any better but it will sure give you the power to capture things secretly which you cannot otherwise. If you have always wanted to be a journalist and shoot pictures of crime scene then this app is perfect for you. But, you need to make sure that no one sees you or else you will be in big trouble my friend!

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Via: coated