Cybertecture Mirror Reflects More Than Just Your Reflection

Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly meddle with anything else in our houses in a bid to sell us stuff, the humble bathroom mirror gets a facelift, and how. Feast your eyes on the Cybertecture mirror which’ll do everything but tell you how pretty you look.Cybertecture Mirror 1

There was a time when we had to put up with crappy displays on our home appliances, but these days it seems every home appliance comes with a rich display and operating system. In fact, we’re even moving past that. Now that the TV has turned smart thanks to Google TV, other stuff in our houses has to up the ante to catch up. That’s where the Cybetecture mirror comes in.

Cybertecture Mirror Exercise

The mirror will tell you your weight, function as your fitness trainer, provide what seem like backstage mirror lights, display the weather, TV shows, and movies, though I don’t think there’ll be much excitement watching the Matrix standing up in the bathroom, listening to the 10W speakers trying to make sense of Neo’s fatality move on Agent Smith.

Cybertecture Mirror Exercise

The mirror connects to the internet via WiFi, and the user can interact with it using the remote control or the optional touch screen interface. There’s also the peripheral sensor pad and the ability to communicate with your computer and mobile phone. Since there’s an app for virtually everything these days, we’d expect this to have some kind of iPhone app once it’s released. Each user get their own web portal account where they can customize, control, and access stored information.

Conceptual interior with yellow armchair

It’s also being touted to go beyond its bathroom use to other places, like the gym and the elevator. I could definitely see its use in the latter scenario. It’s about time we get relief from all that awful elevator music.

You can pre-order the Cybertecture mirror in December for a spring 2011 release, and it will set you back a whopping $7,700.

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Via: Gizmodo