Metal Grudge: the Sports Car Tank

From the German Panzers to the All-American M1 Abrahams, tanks have always been the mobile armored war-machines of immense tactical advantage. Hence, the ultimate fantasy vehicle of all boys, which is rendered in real albeit miniature form by Peer Kreuger, inspired by the Metal Slug franchise.

Described as a ”Sports-car tank’, featuring 48 wheels, a big gun and being radio controlled, it is indeed a class of its own. Also, instead of the usual caterpillar track system, innovative ‘omni-wheels’  have been used which can perform sideways motion, which is useful for power-slides and simply makes the movement more smooth, uncanny, and awesome.

With extensive detailing, it has made sure that nothing is useless. Done in shades of white with some red, it follows the color theme of a Republic destroyer (ala Star Wars). The hull encloses the single motor powered by twin PF receivers ensuring maximum speed, durable chassis, and  the unique drive system. The rotating turret is for added effects.

Extremely mobile, capable of 360° spins and maneuvering over difficult terrain with ease, this design would probably work efficiently even as a extra-terrestrial probe. If only NASA were to acquire this technology, embarrassments like the Mars mission could be avoided.

Needless to say, this is one of the coolest and wackiest gadget, which would amuse you for countless hours.

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Like MMORPGs, this radio controlled tank could ruin your social life or make it.

Matt Grudge Via : Brothers-Brick