Foldable Bicycle Design: Brompton M6R bicycle

We all love giving and receiving gifts. Often times we are remembered for what we give other people, and as the old saying goes: give more than you get to be happy. Once you have taken a look at this product, you will know who to give this to, a friend, a family member, or it’s perfect for yourself!

This product called the M6R brompton bicycle is something that will blow your mind off at first sight! This Brompton M6R bicycle fits into a fine

We all love riding the bicycle, and love it when we have it with us when we go for a vacation with a family or on a quiet Sunday to jus ride around town. But bicycles often take up a lot of space and also require a lot of care when driving and when attaching them to the car and removing from the car again to ride. But all these problems will no longer exist as Brompton M6R bicycle’s innovation has solved all your problems! This portable Brompton bicycle will also keep your fitness regime in check as you will be tempted to carry it around with you, which in turn makes you fit and healthy!

This Brompton M6R bicycle is available in ten colors and the leather briefcase to carry it in comes in about fifty colors, now that’s a wide choice, enough to get you confused and make you think all over about your favorite color. The leather case is made of wood based leather and locks and accents on the leather case are composed of nickel plated brass.

The dimensions of the leather case are: 25” in height x 25” in width and 14” in depth. This Brompton M6R bicycle comes at a price of $12,000. You might think it is a huge sum of money, but for those who are real fans and lovers of bicycling, the price won’t be a barrier and withholding you from purchasing the product.

The Brompton M6R bicycle also makes for a great gift as mentioned earlier, so think about your friend or yourself (if you’re an avid bike lover) and the benefits associated with this product and go ahead and think about investing in this product.

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