Page Your Lost TV Remote for Recovery

It is a classic problem: losing the remote control of your TV. I mean, obviously getting up to manually change the channel is too barbaric for words, so you’re stuck searching for a seemingly endless amount of time to find your remote. Not really being the OCD type, I’ll admit this happens to me fairly regularly. I put the remote down in what seems like a safe place right up until I go to look for it again. Well thanks to this TV remote control outfitted with a pager, you’ll never (in theory, I’d likely still find a way) lose your remote again!

Now, I should note that you’ll need some parts from an old cordless phone. This piece of equipment is probably collecting dust in your basement or in your attic since, let’s face it, no one really uses a landline anymore. Outdated relics aside, you can give it new life by using the paging system built into the charging dock. If you keep the circuit board, speaker, and battery (now used to power your remote, in your face, phone), you can make the remote beep whenever you lose it. This could work with other devices as well like, say, your keys, or my Xbox controllers (Wii motes more likely).

Of course, some remote controls are big enough that the chances of you losing them remain pretty miniscule. Examples of such a device include the world’s largest universal remote control, which certainly qualifies as a jumbo geek gadget. There’s also the Cyclops universal remote, which could double up as a really big frisbee. Still, it is possible even to lose behemoth remotes like these, so you might want to consider putting in the paging system anyway. It’s a fun little DIY project, so bust out your screwdriver and get to work.

Via: Lifehacker