22X Spotting Scope Camera

Cameras are developing in two different ways. The first is to simplify their purpose, only for snapping photos. The second is to get better quality cameras for a better price. Both these types of cameras aim to allow camera usage to be available to the mass public. This new product attempts to give you better quality when it comes to taking pictures.


Like many cameras that came out now, this camera not only takes pictures but also shoots videos. This is almost a necessity when it comes to manufacturing cameras. The quality of the video almost always is the same as the pictures, though when you are using the cameras that are meant to take pictures for video making, you must keep one thing in mind: frame rate. The camera is actually not the issue when it comes to having high or slow frame rate, especially with the newer cameras like this one. They function on memory cards, and it all depends on how fast the card can save it. This camera does not come with a flash card but it compatible with a flash card up to 4 gig. Considering the camera saves in AVI format, that doesn’t really give you a lot of footage to work with. However, since it is not primarily a video camera, this isn’t a big of a drawback. If you like the quality of the camera and don’t want to buy a separate video camera, there is always the option of you carrying around multiple flash cards.

This camera is good if you want to film or take pictures of enlarged small things, or if you are interested in close ups. It can focus on objects as near as 16’ without blurring and has a zoom of 15-45X. At a price of around Find great deals on quality items at the $280, it’s definitely a camera to look into!

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