Vector Watch Concept- Triangular Shaped Dials

People who you interact with often tend to observe your dressing and the accessories you add on to your personality, and we all know people often tend to judge you by the dress and accessories you put on.

So here is a watch design and concept that will compliment your personality and help you impress and set a good impression in the minds of people or delegates you interact with. The vector watch has been designed in a simple everyday watch style but its appearance can be seen to be futuristic and unique. The Japanese have done it once again, by designing something unique that here is where you will be seeing it for the first time. This vector watch concept design has been submitted by Tamas from Hungary.

The watch comes in two colors, black and white and has a clean, simple but a stylish face in an almost invisible LCD display. Once the watch is running and showing time, the time and date will be highlighted in a triangular form instead of the traditional seconds and hours hands. Hours, minutes, and seconds can be figured out by looking at the distance between the triangle peaks and the central point. The point that is nearest to the center of the watch’s body corresponds time in the form of hours, the middle point corresponds time in the form of minutes, and the furthest point corresponds time in the form of seconds.

Along with displaying the time, the watch also displays the date on the screen. This is done with the help of the two date scales on the edges of the watch. The top scale represents days and the left scale represents months. To understand more about reading the time and date works, check out some of the pictures.

Having this watch on your wrist will certainly show how cool, technologically, and gadget advanced you are. So, if you are someone who is very much into watches and likes experimenting with new designs, this is the right product for you, as it is simple, innovative yet a clever design that no one will find anywhere else.

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Via: tokyoflash