Power Vampire Android Doesn’t Suck

Just in time for Halloween, Andrew Bell is releasing this limited edition collectible.  If you’re a fan of androids and/or vampires this collectible should be on your list.

If this little guy looks a little familiar, it’s probably because it is based on the Google Android logo – which, as many of us know, is pretty much Google’s mascot.  Although some folks have found this little green guy pretty cute, I tend to find him a little disturbing.   I can feel his lasers burning into my skull.  If Bing ever gets around to creating a mascot maybe it could have a death match with the Android.  How’s that for search-engine domination?

This three inch tall, vinyl Power Vampire Android has a rotating head and arms and comes in a special Halloween-themed box.  Designed by New York-based Andrew Bell and made in China, this product isn’t necessarily intended for little monsters under fifteen years old.  Let’s just remind ourselves:  it’s not a “toy,” it’s a “collectible.”  Or, whatever we adults have to tell ourselves to feel a little less guilty about buying a toy.

Shop.deadzebra.com is offering this box edition Halloween release for $10 on October 31, starting at 2pm EST (11am PST).   This collector’s item is limited to two androids per household per day.  Keep an eye on the website to find out when the collectible is on hand.  They’ve even put a FAQ and “limited edition release guide” online to help educate prospective collectors.

Now, for the serious collector out there, there are a variety of other items that should already be on your mantel (or, your wishlist).  Andrew Bell’s green Google Android Mascot was reviewed a little while back.   Then again, if you’re a fan of all things Google, you might want to check out the mockup of a Google “Classic” screen.

I have a feeling these limited edition Vampire Androids are going to “fly” out the window, so get yours early.  Or, face the plight of Googling the Interwebs to find a slightly used sucker.

Via: Superpunch