Geek Evolution Shows Why Geek is Chic

In the beginning, the word geek congested up the typical image of a kid with glasses and a pocket protector. Surrounded by his room of comic books and other geeky apparel, the geek has quietly evolved into something more, as we see in this “Evolution of the Geek” image featured recently over at Geekosystem.

According to our image here, the geek originated from the 1500s, when the title meant someone who was considered a fool. That then changed in the 1950s, when a geek was someone who is completely obsessed over a particular technology or sub-culture. After that distinction, things get really messy. The first evolution spreads out to a whole slew of different geek types ranging on their points of interest. There’s a main set of 4 geeks after Geekus Prime: Computer Geek, Academic Geek, Pop Culture Geek, and Steve Urkel Geek. From these 4, a set of geeks sprung, with the likes of Dungeons & Dragons geek, Politics Geek, Music Geek, and so on down the list. All in all I have to say the piece is well done.

Of course, here at Walyou we have stuff to please just about any geeky archetype. For you WoW geeks out there, I present the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Gaming Mouse (I think it should turn into Deathwing and light your house on fire for the full effect, but hey, that’s just me). If you’re more the Star Wars type, here’s a nice tutorial on how to make your own stormtrooper helmet.  I’m still not entirely convinced that many geeky types evolved from Steve Urkel, though. I liked Family Matters as much of the next guy, but let’s not give Steveyboy more credit than he’s due, alright?

Via: Geekosystem