The Baby Camarasaurus, Pleo Gets Upgraded!

We all love Pleo don’t we? But, there was always this desire of getting more of the baby dino in terms of the features it offered. The good news for all the Pleo fans is that Pleo has been upgraded by Innovo Lab and here are some details…

– Now you get male and female Pleos. They react to each other. They can make noises, fight, lean, and show real time emotions to each other.

– Pleo female and Pleo male will come in different skin colors. Also, they will come with 10 different eye colors to choose from.

– Now, the skin of Pleo will last longer approx. 5x longer.

– The new lithium polymer battery now improves on performance. It now offers 150 minutes and an LED battery indicator added underneath Pleo.

– As Innovo Lab puts it, Pleo now has a ‘seed’ personality which means that some Pleos will learn sooner than others while some will be happier.

– The best thing is that now Pleo will be able to realize the time and will maintain its habits accordingly. He will know when it is lunch time or when it is his sleeping time.

– Pleo will now be capable of smelling RFID tags

– Believe it or not, Pleo can now obey different commands such as bow or come. This is possible because of the RFID tags which instruct Pleo to perform and voice recognition with which it is capable of recognizing the owner’s voice.

– Pleo has voice recognition now. All you need to do is to tell him and he will listen to you.

– There are a number of new touch sensors added to Pleo. These touch sensors allow him to reach in a better way. You pet him and he will lean!

– There is a G sensor integrated in Pleo. With this, Pleo is capable of detecting acceleration and impacts and also the touches.

– The nose cam of Pleo can now target track

– The motor speed and response of Pleo’s tail, head, neck, and other body parts have been improved.

The new Pleo will be available for $500. So, if you want Pleo, you gotta spend something!

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Via: BotJunkie