Power up Your Devices with PowerPak Technocel

If you are one of those who constantly runs out of battery life on your devices the PowerPak from Technocel is just what you need. You may be planning go out on a long trip and it might not be possible to charge your device somewhere on the way. Once again the PowerPak can come to your rescue.

The PowerPak from Technocel is a self charger and charging device that gives your handheld devices that much desired extra lease of life. We all come across situations when our device runs out of charge just at that very crucial moment. With this new offering from Technocel such worries will be a thing of the past and your devices like mobile phones and MP3 players will be able to run an extra three hours, giving you ample time to recharge it later.

The PowerPak is a wall charging unit that functions in a dual manner. When plugged to the wall the unit charges up your device and at the same time gathers charge for itself. When disconnected from the wall unit, it acts as an extra battery. In fact, if your device is completely drained of charge you can connect it to the PowerPak and start using you device right away. It is that instant.

The LED indicators on the unit indicate the amount of charge existing. Where four is the maximum and one is the least. If you hit zero you know you have run out of charge. You can check the charge meter by pressing the power indicator.

Setting up the unit is a very simple process. Connect the charging tip to the USB cable. Connect this cable to the two devices and you are set to go. It is true that the connecting tips of devices vary. Keeping this mind Technocel has provided a range of connecting tips which make it compatible with almost 95 per cent of hand held USB devices. The USB cable provided with your device can also be used with the PowerPak.

Available at $49.99, this device is also succeeds in pleasing all those energy conserving people out there.  It meets all Energy Star requirements by drawing minimum energy from the wall.

When you are done using your PowerPak, take it off the wall unit and secure it in the draw string bag provided by the manufacturer. After all, a useful product like this one ought to be kept secured.

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