Sip Crushy Drinks with Slushie Maker!

Summer season for many means the perfect time to sip some icy drinks and chill out. One such product that has been designed to make such a beverage at the comfort of your home is the cool Slushie Maker.

Slushie Maker

It is an interesting product that makes making icy beverages more exotic and fruity. Satiate your taste buds with the heavenly taste of a cool slushie made in this maker. The feeling of a slushee slushie in mouth is just irresistible and satisfying on a hot summer day, and this slushie maker makes you enjoy the same.

Slushie is, in fact, counted among the best refreshing drinks, and this great drink can be made in this maker that is easily available at the Kwik-E-Mart-style store. Using this slushie maker is very easy. The ingenious table-top contraption allows you to prepare slushies at home with comfort. All you need is to load the drum of this maker with ice and ordinary salt as per taste along with the juice of your choice. This maker also gives you scope to experiment with tea or coffee for making delicious smoothies.

Whatever concoction you choose, this slushie maker makes it easy to prepare exotic and icy slushies in minutes. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before using this maker and also wash it thoroughly before making slushies in it. This maker can make up to 2 litres of slushie at a time and with it you also get a recipe book full of different slushies.

Another helpful tip for using this slushie maker is that don’t operate it for a longer time. Your slushie must be prepared within 40 minutes. If it takes more than that time, then you should check the slushie consistency and try afterwards. Don’t use whipped cream, frozen liquids, or similar stiff mixtures in this maker, else it may not get the desired results in the form a delicious slushie.


Even alcoholic drinks can be made in this slushie maker by adding the alcohol in it instead of the sugary based liquid in the outside camber. This product is easy to wash by hand, and comes with a handy drinks holder and a drip tray. To enjoy cool slushies using this slushie maker, you just need to spend £59.99icon. This is an ideal gift for loved ones especially for those who love drinking slushies.

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