The Portable Shredder to Stay Away from Identity Theft

Identity theft, as we all know, is a growing crime. In the USA, it is reported that most of the identity theft cases are because of papers and documents which contain confidential information are left undestroyed. Think for a while, you go to an ATM machine, take out the money and tear the slip and throw it in the bin.

Do you think that is enough? Identity thieves are clever enough to join all those pieces and get all your information. Not only that, even your medical records can get you into trouble or anything else that you are about to throw away and it has confidential information.

So what’s the solution? Tearing them up is of course not the solution. You need to have something much more effective such as this Portable Shredder. We all know how expensive the shredding contractors are and it is not even suggested that you take up their services. They are meant for huge organizations that dispose off hundreds of documents on a weekly basis. For you, this Portable Shredder is enough and trust me, it is actually ENOUGH!

About the Portable Shredder:

This Portable Shredder is 10 inches long and is capable of shredding 5 layers of paper in a single go. That for sure is great but there is more to it. The shredder has around 28 blades integrated in the inner side. These razors make the shredder capable of performing the shredding job within seconds. It’s speedy and it’s reliable so you can count on it. The shredder works on 4 AA batteries which come free in the package along with 1 fun letter opener and 3 catch bags. The shredder is available for $40.00. It is 2 inches high, 10 inches long, 2.5 inches wide ,and comes with a 6 months warranty card. Also, you get a 30 day return policy along with it.

If your dad or your hubby is a businessman and he needs to shred documents on and off then this is perfect gift for him! He would love it because he knows how important it is to shred the documents properly.

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