600 Years of Clock Tower History Makes for an Awe Inspiring Visual Fiesta

Forget light painting and all kinds of other razzmatazz, this spectacular display is one you seriously can’t afford to miss. For the 600th year anniversary of the astrological clock tower at Old Town Square in the city of Prague, the clock tower was video mapped using eye popping computer graphics and sound.600 years 2
Once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Prague has a rich history. The clock tower was built in 1410, and the projections ably highlight the intricate workmanship. 600 years of the tower’s history are condensed into a 10-minute cgi presentation. Does that do it justice? We certainly think so. Gaze in wonder as events in history like the advent of the printing press in Europe and the onset of the Polish-Lithuanian Empire are displayed using sweet special effects.

From moving gears and the brick gnawing skull, to the armies marching through the city and the cryptic gates, this video has it all. The project was a collaborative effort of the mapping of The Macula, Michal Kotek and Lukáš Dubeda, the sound of data-live, and Tomato Production. Boy, do I wish I were there in person, though I don’t think I’d be doing flash photography in a futile bid to capture the true glory of it.

600 Years 1
We were especially partial to the rain effect and the matrix style shock waves that tear through the tower. The moving shadows take the whole show to a whole different dimension, and the optical illusions which ensue will have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Take our suggestion and watch the full 10 minutes, we promise you won’t regret it.

People have even recreated this sort of effect using Adobe After Effects software as exemplified here, and if you have an affinity for all projector related gadgets, check out this cool time projecting watch concept.

Via: Geekologie