A Super Phone – The Sonim XP1300 Core

If Superman had a phone, this would be it. The XP1300 Core by Sonim is a phone that can survive any extreme condition and still allow you to make calls and receive them. Billed as the toughest phone in the market today, the Core is set to outlast its competition.

Mobile phones have become an integral part of day-to-day communication. No matter where we go, we always have our mobile ‘companions’ with us. The new breed of mobile phones is smart, sleek, extremely sexy, but also vulnerable and fragile. A single drop to the ground may result in damage to the body and may malfunction.

This is where the Sonim XP1300 Core comes in. To demonstrate how tough the phone actually is, the manufacturers put the Core through a series of gruelling tests at CTIA West for the public to see. First, the XP1300 was dropped on a rock from a height of six feet. A normal phone would have probably cracked, but the Core simply bounced off the rock intact. Some of the viewing public were invited to make a call after the death-defying drop, and they managed to make the call.


Next, the Sonim super phone was immersed in a transparent glass tube filled with water. To test the functionality even when submerged, members of the public were invited to call the phone. The XP1300 proved its super ability and range while being submerged completely in water.

A reason why the phone is able to pull off such superman feats is its concrete construction. The body of the phone is built from hardened rubber and reinforced with a fibreglass mix. The screen of the XP1300, the most fragile part of any phone, is made up of a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass. In other words, the user will never have to look at a broken or distorted screen.

The Sonim XP1300 Core is being billed as one of the toughest phones around not simply because of its virtually indestructible body but also having ‘Superphone’ features too. A user can talk on the phone for 18 hours straight before the battery runs out. When not in use, the phone has a standby time of 800 hours. Add to this mix a noise cancelling microphone, a media player, and you have a phone that Superman would be proud of.

The XP1300 Core by Sonim would be available in markets start of November this year. You can check out more details of the super phone at Sonimtech.com.

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Via: Sonimtech