Androski Android Figure

If you are a resident of Korea and happen to be a big fan of Android, you can easily lay your hands on that new line of Android figures called Androski. These figures are cute small action figures designed on the Android logo and happen to come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These cute Androski figures can even double up as smart phone stands. The Android is more popular in South Korea. Androski is the name given to small action figures resembling a popular ever green hero come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, you have an Android key chain, the skier, an Andro party animal, a drummer, and so on.

The Koreans have always been obsessed with their favorite mascot, the Android, and thus was created Androski, the sports loving mascot. It comes in varied varieties, not only of a skier, but also figures that are of a driver, and even an Android figure that can lift weights! These figures are just great for adding spice to your desktop.

These amazing line of Android action figures come with all sorts of accessories to make this robot do just about anything you like. These Androski figures are available through SK Telecom, KT, and LG U plus and each carries different bits and pieces to help you create an imaginary Android world of your own. These toys are designed to be playful and urge you to be creative while toying with them.

There is even a scary looking Android with razor sharp dentures and a tiny one on a lanyard that can be attached to a phone or a key ring. These amazing toys are the work of Androski and the Korean mobile network SK Telecom. They are sure to be great gifts for the Christmas season.

SK Telecom is incidentally a big Android advocate and in order to celebrate their Android fever, they released the special Android figurine pack called Androski that flexes easily.

If you have the creative genius in you, these Androski figurines are a great gift for yourself and for your loved ones on festive occasions. With these loving super heroes in green to keep you company, you can easily ward off boredom and biting cold winters by indulging yourself with these toys.

So, for those of you who absolutely love Android, owning just an Android flavored device is not enough. Get yourself those cute Android works of art featuring the green robots, especially Androski, the skiing character that comes well equipped with a set of skis and poles. Place them on your desk and you are sure to have your friends and colleagues alike turn green with envy at the sight of your prized collection of Androski figures. These cute robots are truly works of art and not just a random toy.

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Via: geeky-gadgets